Reduce lameness,
increase traction.

Enhance the well-being of your cows with comfortable rubber matting for farms, reducing lameness and improving traction.

From Our Customers

The most common feedback we receive once EasyMat systems are implemented is a significant reduction in lameness and a consistent improvement in the overall health of our herds year after year.

“Before the matting went in we always had some lame cows, as we’ve had a policy of standing cows off to protect the pastures. As soon as it gets wet, your cell count goes up and get lame cows but this year it’s been bliss with the mats.”

Andrew Allen

Dairy Farmer

“I’ve had no cows slip over since the EasyMat has gone in now, love it. Would definitely recommend it to any dairy farmer.”

Garth Pickford

Dairy Farmer

“The cows are no longer standing in concrete with stones in their feet, the little ripples (or grooves) in the EasyMat are actually helping stones to come out of their feet.”

Irene Phillips

Dairy Farmer

“Cows that were close to calving (which typically waited until they moved to a paddock, before getting on with the job), are now happy to calve down on the rubber matting, with mothers and calves quickly up onto to their feet.”

Henry Hendricks

Dairy Farmer

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Straight from the Cow’s Mouth – Hear from our customers

See Andrew Allen and other success stories where customers talk to us about the success of their EasyMat products.

Why Choose Rubber Matting for Your Farm?

“Do it Once and do it Right”

At EasyMat, we specialise in livestock matting. We know the significance of animal well-being and are dedicated to assisting you in achieving peak productivity and the highest return on your investment. Our comprehensive range of solutions is designed to enhance your herd’s comfort and traction.

Products that will stand the test of time and help support your animals health for years to come.

Your cow comfort specialists.


Reduce Cow Lameness


Provide Herds With Maximum Grip and Confidence


Easy to Clean and Drainage


Strong Interlocking Systems for Heavy Duty Impact


Quieter Under Foot


Faster Milking Time and Increased Cow Flow

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