DairyGrip Lane and Track Roll

DairyGrip Lane and Track Roll, made from durable rubber flooring, delivers the utmost comfort and traction for cow tracks and walkways, ensuring superior under-hoof support.

Research has demonstrated a clear correlation between cow comfort and enhanced outcomes in milk production, milk quality, and fertility rates among dairy cows.

Our DairyGrip rubber flooring, crafted from 100% recycled rubber, stands out as the ideal choice for a versatile and exceptionally durable solution that prioritizes cow comfort. The Lane and Track Roll features high-quality rubber with an integrated steel cable system, ensuring it maintains its shape and strength over time.

With its superior durability, noise reduction properties, and enhanced traction, backed by a 10-year warranty (subject to conditions), the DairyGrip Roll excels in performance. Its ability to be precisely cut to desired lengths minimizes lifting and damage, surpassing traditional interlocking mats. Additionally, due to the longer lengths supplied, the Roll boasts significantly fewer seams compared to traditional interlocking mats, reducing the potential for lifting and associated damage.


The Dairy Zig Zag roll can be used for:


  • Size: Width varies x length up to 150m
  • Rolls supplied in longer lengths, reducing the number of joins
  • Natural 100% recycled rubber compound
  • Designed with a steel cable system to combat warping
  • Provides cows with maximum grip and confidence
  • Reduces lameness and creates happy comfy cows
Zigzag roll

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