Hex Floor Mats

Hex Floor Mats serve as a replacement for rough concrete flooring, playing a crucial role in preventing cow lameness and promoting the well-being of your herd, resulting in healthier and happier livestock.

Hex Floor Mats not only decrease veterinary expenses but, more importantly, enhance cow comfort and overall happiness. These mats make standing off easy and prevent your herd from slipping, ensuring their safety. What sets them apart is the inclusion of countersink screw holes for secure mat fixation, safeguarding your cows’ hooves from contact with hard objects, and providing them with the utmost protection and care.

Hex Floor Mats are renowned for their exceptional durability and top-tier quality as stock and cow mats. These mats boast a high MPA (megapascal) and tensile strength, ensuring robustness. Their tight interlocking design effectively prevents effluent buildup in the seams and underneath, maintaining cleanliness. Additionally, the mats feature raised dabs on the underside, enhancing cow comfort while ensuring efficient drainage of any water beneath the mat, further contributing to the well-being of your cattle.


  • Size: 1.8m x 1.2m
  • Natural rubber compound
  • Stud underside for drainage
    Strong interlocking
  • Recessed holes for ease of scraping and hoof protection
  • Easy to scrape clean with brush, scraper or flood wash or hose
  • Provides cows with maximum grip and confidence
  • Reduces lameness and creates happy comfy cows
  • Hex pattern on the top and studded pattern on the bottom making easy for cleaning
  • Countersink screw holes
  • Up to 5-year warranty* conditions apply.
Hex Floor mats

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Hex mat be scraped?
Yes hex mat can be scraped with a tractor scraper if there is no flood wash.
Will the cows lie down on it?
Yes the cows will lie down as it provides an excellent soft surface for them to sit on.
Do the cow's hoofs ever get stuck?
The hex mat has countersink screw holes for the mat fixing so your cows hoofs are protected and never come near hard objects.
What size is one Hex mat?
One hex mat is 1.8 x 1.2m, it has a ‘hex’ pattern on the top, and a studded pattern on the bottom making for easy cleaning.

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